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L’AVREF is a victim-support organisation 

for people who have been abused in religious congregations, communities or movements. Staffed by volunteers, we were established under French law as a public interest charitable association in 1998. We are independent in that we are not affiliated to any organisation and we do not accept grants. Our income comes from annual membership subscriptions and donations from the public.    

We are based in France and our web site is in French.

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Who we are, why we exist and what we do.

How L’AVREF started : In 1998, a number of parents whose sons and daughters had joined certain Catholic communities, became alarmed by the deterioration of their physical and mental health. Initially, these parents believed that they were dealing with exceptional, isolated incidents but gradually they realised that patterns of psychological, sexual and spiritual abuse were present in many religious movements and communities, not only in France but throughout the world. …

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Sisters of Mary Morningstar
Maria Stella Matutina 


" … During my time with these sisters, I had many apprehensions about their devotion to their founders (Fr. Marie-Dominique Philippe & Sr. Alix Parmentier), their relationship with the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, and the way that they are forming their members;
but it was not until August 2022 that I learned the full extent of their dysfunctional history and ongoing actions … "

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Sisters of Mary Morningstar
Dysfunctional History

How is it possible that these dissident sisters are able to lay claim to the legacy of a sexual aggressor and at the same time openly recruit novices and found new priories in dioceses throughout the world? 

These 300 sisters are today present on every continent. How do they manage to escape the sanctions imposed on their leaders? Church authorities repeatedly tried impose discipline, but  the Stella Matutina sisters have mastered the art of evading Roman sanctions. 

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