Extract from the statutes of AVREF

The objective of this Association is to warn, inform, help and comfort individuals, victims, direct or indirect, of sectarian drifts within communities or movements/cults, of philosophical or religious movements, notably Roman Catholic.  For this purpose:

  1. we will listen, advise, and give our support to any individual who may be concerned by the health deterioration or who may appear to be a victim of mind manipulation.
  2. we are available to speak with individuals (and/or families/friends) who may be considering entering a movement or community.
  3. we promote exchange between families and their members, who are confronted with an alteration or breakdown of relationship with a loved one.
  4. we are available to any organisation who would like information on the phenomena of sectarian influence or sectarian drift.
  5. we reflect on the extent of the phenomena of drift observed and their consequences on the basis of the collection of the testimonies received.
  6. It establishes a link of support between the members and any individual interested, through open speech groups, an information letter or any other means of communication.
  7. We alert the administrative authorities, state and ecclesiastical, and, if applicable, the media, regarding the abuse of authority, or attacks on the dignity of the human person or his/her fundamental rights.
  8. We maintain contact and coordinate activity with associations and movements with similar objectives, both in France and abroad.
  9. We undertake any action which might appear useful for the realization of our objectives.